Conversations: Africa and her youth

I have finally, officially, launched my podcast. She will be very happy to meet with you all – my podcast, that is. Her name is Laura’s Briefs.

I chose June 1 to launch it because it had to be at the start of something, a month, almost mid-way through the year because of the significance this has for me. The start of something massive, for me.

Starting a podcast has been on my mind since 2015, or thereabouts. My boss and friend would always encourage me to just do it. She said I had the voice for it and the genuine interest in people and topics to pull it off. But I always wondered what I would say and what profound messages I could conjure up that would engage or interest people in listening.

However, with time, and age, the passion you have for several things just grows and you feel like having conversations about them is extremely important. Conversations help you think. They help to encourage and expose different sides to a topic. And for those who want to be a part of those conversations, every voice matters, every voice needs to be heard.

So I hope that you can join in these discussions and I hope you will have a listen to my inaugural podcast below. I shall let the guest – Ronnie Osumba, tech-preneur – introduce himself.

Would love to hear from you.

Ciao. LW

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