What is this life?



I have never asked myself so many questions in my life. Especially because everyone else is asking them too. And even though I ask myself, I don’t really expect an answer — just yet.

Everything we know is not there anymore. Everything that seemed untouchable is not only reeling — but bleeding. The parameters that had been set by life and society and everything in between have changed and a nice big vacuum has been left behind.

No one knows how to start filling this vacuum.

What was once touted as indispensable, has absolutely no leg to stand on.

It’s like decades of knowledge and learning have suddenly become meaningless. The only people that seem to be thriving are those who’ve no boundaries, those who’ve latched onto an idea and clung to it for dear life. And not because they have many options, they just have nothing to lose.

This group of people seem to be a chosen few, who are faster and more willing to venture out by running onto an invisible bridge — almost blindly — at full speed. Or those who actually lived on the edge, and just realised that the bridge was there the whole time.

But because people are people; the world will eventually catch up. Humanity will start building their own bridges and learn from the mistakes of those up ahead. The crowds will start to rally behind ideals that the ‘forerunners’ are proposing. The forerunners are those who can see the future because they are standing in a space that only the brave could dare be in.

However, it’s not enough to follow. I believe we have a chance now to create so many new normals. We can pour out our confusion, bewilderment and frustrations into this vacuum and create a world that we have only dreamt about — because no one has an advantage over the other. The only thing we have is what we make out of the current situation.

Because COVID-19.

What is most confusing is that even before this theoretical “Black Swan”, the only thing we could do is make the best out of the situation we existed in then.

So, what kind of world are you dreaming about? Where have your first few steps led you?

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