How to stay sane on Twitter

I had good intentions to write something nice and interesting but try as I might I couldn’t stop thinking about figuratively losing my hair today as I engaged in what I thought were well intended discussions on my timeline.

Twitter is a dumping ground for information, fun facts, thoughts and ideas. It is not limited to that, but it’s a great place to glean useful content on topics you are looking for information on, or learn in depth stories about goings on in the world.

330 million people actively use Twitter every month, translating into around 6,000 tweets per minute. These are global stats, but many-a-Kenyan will tell you that here at the home there is never a dull moment. And whatever time you tweet, you will get at least one like or comment, whether at midnight or even 3am.

Twitter never sleeps.

But Twitter can also sometimes behave like a spoilt child. Tantrums everywhere. People screaming to be heard but not listening to anyone else.

How many of you have gotten into a twitter conversation and ended up tweefing with someone you barely know?

How many of you have had people hurl insults at you even though they have no idea who you are?

How many have tried to put a point across and been attacked for it, and left feeling frustrated or misunderstood?

If you’ve said yes to any of those questions, chances are you nearly lost your mind over someone you don’t even know, even for a split second. Is it worth it?

Here’s what I think might help you stay calm in the face of danger:

  • If someone uses the F word or B word or any words that are disrespectful and they are not your grandparents, mute them.
  • If anyone keeps dragging your name in the mud and they dont even know your middle name, block them.

One less person or two less followers will not change the price of tomatoes.

  • If you respond once and it turns into an argument, just stop talking. You will feel better for it.
  • If someone you respect keeps finding good quotes from other people, follow those people and learn or understand their point of view.
  • If everyone is attacking you be open to their points of view as long as they are not insulting. Being defensive people, we always feel that someone is out to get us, but if they are not using capital letters, they are most likely not shouting.

I think we have more to learn when we engage than when we attack.

And as I say that I know I have also lashed out and been respectfully questioned until I had an A-HA moment.

You can never always be right and you can never always be wrong. Sometimes we say what we think just to be sure we are not crazy, and it’s a good feeling when people see things your way.

Try those tips and I promise you they will help. Stay sane and keep the conversation going. Twitter is a powerful tool. 

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