Mi Casa music; as a compound fraction


Does music make the world go round? Well, It’s probably money, or love if that’s your kind of thing – but music can definitely turn heads and get you thinking, as Childish Gambino has clearly demonstrated with This Is America.

Whatever the case, music has been known to play several roles in our lives – but what about the musicians that create these tunes? Are they driven by simply passion, a need to communicate their emotions or a need to change the world?

I don’t have the answers, but I did have a chat with South African band Mi Casa and they had some thoughts to share on the matter.

So why is music important in this planet? Mo-T, Dr Duda and J Something all had something to say.

Music has a way of saying things we don’t want to hear, in a way that they cannot be ignored, and J Something is feeling the fire.

So what are you listening to? And if you are a musician, what is stirring your soul? Is it “Mikono Juu” or “Kenyan Message” or “Oya Come Make We Go”? There’s no right or wrong, but most likely that the things that pain you pain the rest of us who listen to you. I guess that is how God ordained the nature of things to be. Passion almost seems to be stirred remotely, culminating in the minds, hands and voices of the musicians.

And to round it off, two things; Mi Casa explained to me the significance of their name with regards to them coming together and their style of music – and they are in studio! Check it out…


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