Africa beats like my heart

I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to find myself. I think its these manenos of growing up in India. But I’m not complaining. I feel so proud.

The blood that runs in my veins is calling out today. A.F.R.I.C.A.

My blood is red, my mind is alert and my heart belongs right where I am. My feet are strong and though I fall, I must get back up quickly. I must. Because my AFRICA needs me.

I am not here to save HER. I am HER. Do I need saving?  NO. I need to live, to breathe, dance, learn, discover, grow, share, celebrate and love.

The little boy with dried mucus under his nose and the man who walks from the slum to the office are both AFRICA. The girl eating carrot cake and reading Binyavanga Wainaina in Java and the Queen of Katwe are both AFRICA; because Africa is home. Checkmate.

When all is gone, AFRICA will remain. Decades of corruption and embezzlement cannot kill her. She is home and we are she. Africa is unbendable.

You are all I have. You are my tomorrow, you are my now. I see the rainbows my mother put in my heart about you. I hear the songs that have kept my heart hypnotised.

I feel proud. I feel like I belong. Though I am afraid of the struggle, with hard work and blessings from above; we will one day be triumphant.



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