LW Music Week: Helena

Every week I get a number of new songs and videos sent to my inbox. Some I want to share, some I never manage to watch, and others make me wonder: “How many songs can one person release in a week?”

Anyway, that said, I thought the least I could do is say what I think about the new tracks, and share them with those who may not have seen or heard of them. And also, hear what others think of the tracks. So let’s give it a go, shall we?

There are four songs to sample this week:

Helena by Third Hand Music (7.5/10)


Let me just start by saying that Helena has a nice house. And if the song lyrics are anything to go by, the lead singer of Third Hand Music really likes her. This is the kind of song I would picture in a movie soundtrack, you know when the entire relationship and break-up is summed up in a song, and you have to swap your popcorn for tissue? That one.

The video has some clever shots but for me is not as convincing, simply because of the singer’s facial expressions. His pain looked borderline angry most times so it comes across as a “love me or else!” kind of vibe. I am sucker for the acoustic guitar so throughout the song I was just sinking my heart into it. A colleague of mine says it has the Kenyan sound, and I agree, especially between 3:15-21. It is nice to see fresh faces, fresh talent and yes, three years old is pretty fresh. I wonder what their story is. All in all, Helena is a lucky girl.


Supreme Gyal by Musik Maestro 4/10

MusikMaestro released Supreme Gyal last week, the first single off their debut EP NUGENATION (Kings Among Men) released few weeks ago.

The East African duo, based in London, have Dancehall as their genre of choice, which reminds me of my youth. I don’t think this is one of MusikMaestro‘s best. Their songs ‘JUJU‘ and ‘Disco Girl‘ certainly have more heart in them, but of course that’s just how it sounds to me. (Please don’t kill me boys!)

I think it would be interesting if they did something with Jose Chameleone; he would add the rugged to MM’s finesse. Whayasay? Stole that from Patoranking.

Go Hard by Loose Kaynon ft Ice Prince and Milli 5/10

I don’t know Loose Kaynon. Or rather, I had never heard of him before this song. I like the video. Even though you wonder what those peeps keep welding, the grit of it and the fact that he sits on an old television set was pretty cool.

Ice Prince’s great fashion sense also comes through, as does Camworx’s creativity in the video – walls draped in newspapers? I love it!

Track-wise Milli saved the song for me. Ice carried Loose along for a bit… Though I think Loose still needs to find his sound; his style doesn’t seem round enough – if you know what I mean.


All the Way by Victoria Kimani ft Khuli Chana 7/10

Good beats and very sultry is what I would say about this song. Definitely a track shared between lovers. I like Victoria Kimani’s videos. She always gets the sets right and it’s never just conventional.

I like the play on Angelique Kidjo’s Wombo Lombo and I really like how VK and KC look posing as a couple. According to google, Wombo Lombo talks about a guy with some great dance moves, but the reference by Victoria is open to interpretation. Khuli on the other hand is the cool dude with the head bobbing. I think he has some serious swag going on, and the energy he brings to a track is super impressive. Love him!

As you enjoy the track, answer this piece of trivia: how many clothes does Victoria Kimani have?

Until next time…

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  1. Lyavule says:

    I like Loose Kaynon…. Very energetic track… Was a bit lost with Victoria Kimani but her voice is beautiful in the song. Third Hand is my absolute fave…

    Liked by 1 person

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