Review: Purpose by Justin Bieber

Most Kenyans past the age of 21 felt little for Justin Bieber’s long wavy hair when he first came on the scene. He was just a cute blonde boy who could really sing, and who was featured on the Oprah show. And is Canadian. He was even on Ellen so there was no point or reason really for trying to completely ignore him.

Fast-forward to his relationship with the lovely Selena Gomez and his many mjuaji mistakes and still, there was just the odd sympathy because his dad wanted in on the millions of dollars streaming in. And because he was a young boy who didn’t really know how to handle all the things in his life.

You know, like when us adults would shake our heads because the girls screamed and fainted as he passed by. No doubt he was just as shocked as we were and I assume that could have contributed to some of his strange actions.

Don’t even get me started on those little muscles he would flaunt with a smoky-gaze that landed just past the cameras. You know that look?

Anyway, 2015 has come to an end and Master Justin Bieber has crossed the spectrum. Anyone between 13 and 45, can easily and readily enjoy his brand new album – Purpose.

He’s not paying me to write this piece; of course, I am just extremely impressed and quite moved by some of the tracks on this album.

What Do You Mean? That was the first surprise… The message is simple and universal; a man trying to understand the mixed signals that all chicks deploy from time to time. The beat is fresh and his singing flows nice and easy. It’s the song and music rather than the message that sells this track.

Next came Company, which completely flew over Sorry for me; sorry to all the fans of that jam. It could be the most downloaded track on the album I think, but Company – I find more interesting. Luckily the video gives a sort of 3D angle to the song, and what his words were too simple to express the strange and alluring dance sequence filled in. I totally dig the dancing in the square.

What almost made the time stand still for me though, was The Feeling featuring Halsey. Extremely moving in 3D format. It struck me as a song about fighting addiction. Justin seems to have raided a dance school and got all the best students on his videos. It easily adds to the intensity of the track.

“I’m notorious for thinking you’re full of beautiful instead of hollow… Can’t get out of my head and I need you to save me.” So the lyrics go…

It could be about addiction, or an emotive relationship, or an intense confusing relationship, including word that Halsey has bipolar disorder.

In my simple interpretation, this is an explanation for some of the weird things he did that he can’t take back. But I will read some interviews and give the correct position when my electricity comes back (sema El Nino)! Halsey’s vocals are also very striking. Her culture seems very impressive as is her mixed heritage and diversity of musical dexterity.

I don’t feel the entire album as yet, but there is something in there that a lot of people will enjoy. His lyrics will fill out a bit more when he gets older of course. Nevertheless, Justin dug deep for this one.

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  1. I totally agree. And I being much older love his latest album and am not embarrassed to admit it.

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  2. sensoria300 says:

    I love your perspective on the songs. Sad that you don’t like Sorry though. I think the amazing dance routine has overshadowed the message for most they just hear the beats instead of really listening into the song.


  3. taabutele says:

    Sorry, please make up your mind and what do you mean


  4. mkhana says:

    I have fallen in love with his album. Surprisingly. I can’t believe I have The Beebs on replay…


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