It never gets old…

It never gets old. T-two minutes, the houses grow smaller and fall away with the earth. You struggle a tad to swim through the fluff, before finally gliding – ever so gently – on a sea of still white clouds.

It never gets old where the rubber meets the air. You know. That road above the clouds.

Nothing but massive cotton balls promising to hold you as you jump. You feel like you have an invisible chair, from where you can peer through the earth while no one’s watching and be the judge. Giving a bit of rain here, a whole lot of sunshine on the other side and just be a part of people’s joy.

It almost feels like you have this absolute power. With an undiscovered expanse that belongs to you at that very moment.

If you could sit on the wing of that plane with your legs dangling over the side and just gather your thoughts and arrange your life. Your whole world suddenly gains some kind of perspective – in that moment.
It never gets old. And no amount of photography will ever capture what the naked eye can see. For instance the picture below of the Kilimanjaro, thinking in clouds.


There’s so much to learn when you are away from your everyday surroundings. Life is not just what you think. There’s always another angle, always more to absorb, take in, take up and learn from. It’s a beautiful thing to be reminded that the world does not end where you currently imagine that it does.

So when you’re next in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and you have a constant view of the sea as you eat your breakfast, or dinner, take at least 10 minutes to completely – unequivocally – suck in that moment.

WP_20150822_007 WP_20150822_010 WP_20150822_003 WP_20150822_002

No more “Pole kwa Safari”. You may be tired, yes, but it could be on a whole different level.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Audrey Nekesa says:

    Beautiful piece. You make me want to go there and experience the same.


  2. Loki says:

    Nice one Laura.


  3. Christiano Kwena says:

    A lot of suspense.


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