A Bulleit to the glass

If you’ve lived in Africa all your life (pun intended) or nowhere near Kentucky, the name Bulleit will definitely catch your eye.

Not because of the bourbon whiskey of course, but simply because it’s a very uncommon name. For instance, how many Bulleits do you know?? See…

It doesn’t stop there. Bulleit is just getting started.

The beautiful bottle it sits in may also strike you as quite odd. The shape is perky and fabulous. But, as a personal joke (I am convinced), the labels at the front and back do not sit straight. They are slightly askew (see exhibit A below):


Ok, fine, its Tom Bulleit’s prerogative… He can get away with a lot of things because as the founder/creator of this red-hot (coloured) drink, he is actually still alive. So its not the bright idea of some manager. Or maybe it is, so I am going to stop there. Tom only started making this bourbon 27 years ago. Like AFTER I was born. Sema history in the making…

And history it was…is.

Bourbon is native to America of course, and they say the best is made in Kentucky because of the climate, which makes it mature very fast, the water that they use, the fact that the whiskey matures in never-been-used-before oak casks and all sorts of fresh fruity not-so-subtle flavours that that brings.

To add to that, Bulleit is the only bourbon among those in Kentucky, that is made up of 28% Rye. The rest of the ingredients don’t matter. Just keep that in your head, 28% Rye.

Here’s how it happened. Unlike most families here in Africa, Tom Bulleit’s ancestors kept a very good family record over the years and when at some point late in his life, Tom decided to put everything behind him to try his hand at making bourbon… He had an old recipe to go on – created by his great great grandfather – that only needed some tweaking here and there (including 28% rye) to make a round bold drink.

A neat sip or two will heat up your tongue and give all seasons of drinkers that ugly grimace, but mixing it up with some vanilla ice cream in a shake or fusing it with mint julep may well make everyone happy.

Its nice cause there aren’t too many whiskey cocktails around. And this is a bourbon so that’s even rarer.

In case you’re thinking it, Jack Daniels is not a bourbon. It’s a Tennessee Whiskey and it even says so on the bottle. ☺ So cocktails like Ferrari Jack do not fall in this category. (A free cocktail if you know where that is sold!)

Bulleit is purely American and it has a rich history if you think of how Tom’s great granddad came up with his recipe. Having a story to tell, I find, makes the drink more enjoyable to consume.

Cheers. And not in the Jeng Jeng way


2 Comments Add yours

  1. avatica says:

    LMAO! o/ i know… over here near my office! 🙂 but jeng jeng surely?


  2. Wanjiru says:

    New here…
    Beautiful blood and really enjoyed the post, clearly i need to learn drinks though 🙂



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