Creating one-ness on stage

A musician is a person that brings harm, destruction, hate, love, hope, joy and peace with the use of words and sound embedded in premeditated or spontaneous tunes.

What each musician brings is not their individuality, but rather how they bring it. Musicians are a product of their upbringing, their surroundings and the things that touch them.

But despite their characters and individual style, together on one stage, they become one. Or should I say, they create one-ness.

I would have thought that blending the cultures, backgrounds and styles would be a challenge but it turns out I’m not a musician, because they all disagree. They say it’s not hard to merge genres and still create individuality.

“Its easy. When the music is played, all you need to do is jump in and find yourself in it and it’s inside you. It just happens,” said Fena when I asked the question.

Kevin Provoke was less gracious: “Its so easy. We all bring what we have onto the table…”

If it’s that easy for musicians to create one-ness how much more unified would we be for listening? I honestly believe that we underestimate the power of music.

Its not just about talent and the amazing things that practice and hard work and gusto can achieve, but its about movement and embracing oneself and one another all in the name of a song.

Music is what they have to live their own lives, which when they share refreshes those around them. That is how it is intended. So we are part of this unity too.

By they, I mean Fena Gitu, Victoria Kimani, Owuor Arunga, Rabbit, Lilian Mbabazi, Iyanya, Jay A and Kevin Provoke.

These are among several other musicians including Omawumi, Navio, Waje, Flavour, Olamide and Vanessa Mdee who created one-ness on stage recently. They did this with a youthful vibrancy stemming from a carefully picked background crew.

Burna Boy tried to take the one-ness for himself and that didn’t quite work out in his favour. You’ll understand when you watch the second season of Coke Studio Africa, which starts on 13 September.

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