Do not introduce yourself at parties!

It’s been just over two hours since I arrived in Ibiza and I have stopped trying to introduce myself to people. My reasons are valid.

Like… Since about 7am today I’ve been kicking it with Niek from Heineken, spoken in sign language, shared “My Talking Tom” with a non-English speaking Spaniard on the plane…

Lining up at Aeropuerto De Ibiza
Lining up at Aeropuerto De Ibiza

Then I met Punit (real name) from Mumbai, India who tells me that he won a sweepstake to get here. I smiled at a guy in an orange linen shirt who says him and his girlfriend were checking in at Ibiza Corso after going to the wrong hotel.

You see, it doesn’t matter if his name is Pablo and his girlfriend Shaquanda. Hello, hi, a smile, a dance, a hug and a drink – that is how to get the party started in Ibiza. And this could be a good system to adopt elsewhere!

Today I am not one in a million…but I am one in a thousand from all over the world who have converged to witness the official end to the UEFA Champions League and the official start of the party season on this amazing Island.

Heineken Welcome
A warm welcome at Ibiza

The only distinction between us at the moment is the wristband I am wearing. We are one people, looking to have fun on a stunning island. There is a genuine joy at being with people who all want to relax and listen to some world-class dance music.

I am still Lauriza or even Walubiza. And later this afternoon I will have developed a Spanish accent as I join the pre-party for the UCL Finals. Any tips?


The view from my room
The view from my room

As you think about those, here’s a recap on how the journey started.

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  1. CK says:

    You go Walubutha!!! Show them we are used to the life……


  2. Diana Namulekhwa Walubengo says:



  3. Bonnifide says:

    Haha! Love it… Fun in the sun. Have fun señorita.


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