The incredible ‘wildebeest’ migration in Spain

Starting today, do not call me Laura, or Lau or Walubesh or any other strange rendition of my name. Please, just for a week, call me Lauriza. I ask nicely.

Here’s why… Before last week, Ibiza was an exotic beach resort that one could only dream of going to. But now, it is the next place my passport will give me access to. Like, OMG! Like, my dreams are so incredibly valid. Like, how do I lose 30 kilos in a day?

I can’t. But I’m going to Ibiza like that song and I am reliably informed that there is something like a “Wildebeest Migration” that happens there every year.

Here’s something to think about. Just like the incredible migration in the renowned Maasai Mara game reserve that goes from June to October, the party season in Ibiza, Spain goes from June to…October! Where 1.3 million wildebeest make the migration in the Mara, upto 4 million humans migrate in and out of Ibiza every year…

(Image from Muve Magazine)
(Image from Muve Magazine)

Instead of vans and Toyota Landcruisers, there are Disco Busses that ferry people who’ve come to view this funky phenomenon from club to club to home. Such smart fellas! Hehe..

Ok, its not a natural phenomenon but you have to admit its pretty amazing. And in true migratory fashion, there will probably be people there dressed like Mufasa, Shenzi, or even King Julian!

But how can a party last from June to October. What kind of a party is it? Do they have themes? Are there boat parties; poolside parties, beach parties, proper disco parties, street bashes…what?

At this point, I don’t really care because I am going to Ibiza. I will take in as much as I can and share it with you. What would you like to know?

I found out that Puff Daddy went to record a track in Ibiza and ended up partying for seven days straight. Like, how? But don’t worry, I am Keff Joinange – sorry – Lauriza, and I will help you…find out.

Here’s what happened last year…


11 Comments Add yours

  1. Tizzle says:

    Hahah this is awesome, have fun Lauriza 😉


  2. Kiki says:

    Let me know when you planning on migrating. Will pack my tail(s)!!


  3. Bonnifide says:

    Lauriza!! Fantastic piece, have tons of fun and come back tanned! I expect to see you on a yatch or two.


  4. Nini Wacera says:

    WALUBIZA sounds waaay better!!!
    Walalalalalal, mama! Have a blast and kiss a few cute boys for me! Dark chocolate, ripply….all that sumptuousness that Ibiza has for us! I want to know all about the water sports and affordable accommodation for us next year!!!


    1. Lauriza says:

      Haha… you know! I will get you that info my friend! 😉


  5. CK says:

    Great stuff Lauriza!!!! Can you imagine the shrubs that can come out of that name. LOL!!!


  6. Lauriza, please be sure to party with us as party along. Enjoy the migration ….lol..


  7. Diana Walubengo says:

    Have a BAALLL Lauriza, and please bring back king Julian for me 😉


  8. Ndungz says:

    Lauriza ….. sounds funky with a kamba accent. Well cherie enjoy Ibiza, be safe but most importantly PARTY DAMN HARD 🙂 🙂


  9. Avatica says:

    Lol… Apart from being shady as hell, you my friend are too lucky! How jealous am I!!!


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