Pouting like Einstein

I had a very relaxing weekend. One of those weekends you only have once in a leap year. One of those rare moments that you wish you could explain if somebody really wanted to know how you were doing. If they really wanted to know to, like, experience it for themselves?

So I was very relaxed. And after an early Saturday morning of chores and supervision of chores, it was time to sleep again.

Just before I put my phone an arm’s length away to keep it from waking me up, I saw a picture on the screen. You know that section on the face of the Lumia that says “People”? (Yes I have a Nokia Lumia and yes I am well above 30 years old, and yes I have Instagram on my Lumia, so let’s move on shall we?).

There was a “people” there in that section with a gorgeous picture. And in that picture was an equally gorgeous pout. One classic pucker up.

Since she wasn’t kissing anybody in the photo, I kinda sorta wondered how that felt. You know, what a “peoples” does before a picture like that is taken. So just for the heck of it, I decided to take a selfie while pouting, and you know, send it to my peoples.

I could not pout. Can you believe that? I just could not pout! I tried several angles. I thought it was the light. I though maybe its cause I was actually lying in bed and needed to sit up for better posture. But after a gazillion tries I knew it was not for me. The classic pout is not in my DNA.


I got the Azonto after a few months, I’m still trying the Etigi (I think I can do it, but the jury is still out there), but the cow in charge of this pouting business has refused. It is as stubborn as Miley Cyrus’ twerking cow.

So if you’re out there and are at your life’s end because you can’t do all of the above, have a soda. Albert Einstein was better at theoretical physics and a lot more people knew him and loved him than they do Justin Bieber.

(Pic via DailyMail)
(Pic via DailyMail)

I’m not saying you shouldn’t try. Just you know, don’t slash your wrists if you fail. It’s a beautiful world out there and it needs you. I have nothing against the pout, I just realize its not something I can use to make me a better person, or make the world a better place.

I will keep managing content for DStv.com and read news when I can. 😉

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Okey-Ngene says:

    i can’t roll my tongue and its frustrating. but i can sure do the moonwalk, even better than MJ. (wink)


  2. Click-It says:

    This got me an assignment. I’m gonna do it tonight 🙂


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