Walking at night in Maboneng

People are most appealing when they are being themselves. Because it helps you be yourself. Anything can be funny then and everything you encounter penetrates a different level of your psyche. Different than usual. The delightful kind of different with no walls.

We let our guards down in Maboneng. And there was nothing prettier than the yellow glaze over the street, bounced off the graffiti on the walls and onto the damp grey tarmac. Art came to life but lay still so we could see it with our own eyes. Each with their own eyes and their own soul.

No philosophy here. Just one evening of my life that made me want to tell stories. The air was fresh so it was ok – just ok – to not have music.  This is what I saw in Maboneng. Have you been?

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  1. Bonnifide says:

    I’ve only ever heard of Maboneng. Can’t wait to hit Jozi up again.

    Liked by 1 person

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